Cameron County Hidalgo County

Practice Areas

Our clients like the results and services we deliver, so we are constantly asked to do more, to enter new fields and to solve new problems. When confronted with new issues, we roll up our sleeves and get working. Our successes keep our clients coming back. We keep one goal in mind in every case we handle: we solve our clients' problems.

Personal Injury
Automobile Accidents
Bus Accidents
Complex Tort Practice
Premises Liability
Trucking Accidents
Professional Negligence
Legal Malpractice
Medical Malpractice

Commercial & Business Litigation
Consumer Issues
Contractual Disputes
Hotel & Restaurant
Real Estate

Products Liability

Construction Equipment
Farm Equipment
Fire Litigation
Industrial Equipment
Product Liability

Other Litigation Matters
Bad Faith Insurance
Construction Litigation
Libel & Slander
Property Damage
Vehicle Repossession

We are prepared to provide both trial and appellate representation in all of the above areas.
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